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Regular Student

 If you enjoy the status of a regular student enrolled in a Tunisian university.

How can you access UVT’s courses ?

The Virtual University of Tunis (UVT) offers to any regular student enrolled in a Tunisian public institution of higher education access to the RPL course platform ( as well as to the Work Digital Environment (ENT) which is an access point to the digital resources and services destined for learners (

How to undergo a training period at UVT ?

You can undergo a training period within UVT at its technical service or within the contents production laboratory.  To do so, the following documents must be delivered to the “bureau d’ordre” (mailroom) of UVT :

 Training proposal from your own university
 Training application addressed to the President  of  UVT
 Your CV
 A photocopy of your ID

UVT Student

What is the LMD system ?

UVT has adhered to the brand new LMD system of higher education.  
LMD: this acronym represents the 3 new reference diplomas:
Licence, Mastère, Doctorate.
The training offered is based upon a new curriculum composition and on a system of transfer of credits.
For further details, consult the LMD reform site in Tunisia:

What are the requirements for admission ?

 Admission to the Licence

Registration in the first year of the Licence requires the prior obtention of the baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma.
The BTS or BTP are not taken into consideration.
Registration in the third year of the Licence requires the validation of the first and second years of the Licence.

 Admission to the Mastère

Registering for the Mastère requires the possession of the Licence or an equivalent diploma.

 Admission to the Transversal Trainings

Registering for the transversal trainings (C2i, English) requires that the candidate be in possession of the baccalaureate diploma or of an equivalent diploma.

How are the new students received at UVT?


Soon after your enrolment, educators-tutors will guide you all along your learning process.  At the initial stage, they will receive you in small groups to present to you the university and the different services offered to assist you all along your training.  They will guide you and familiarize you with the specific environment of learning on-line.

 Salaried Students:

Some companies or enterprises may sponsor training.  If you are concerned, check this when classes resume with the “Service de Scolarité” of UVT.


Public Higher Education teachers are de facto exempt from paying registration fees.


How to access on-line courses?

 Access to Courses

Each student possesses a login and a password allowing him to access courses, his activities, his homework and  his messages through the Moodle training platform (

Courses are administered to groups of 20 students maximum.  Students are the object of a follow-up on the part of a tutor for each unit of teaching.

 Platform for On-line Training

An on-line training platform is a website housing the courses with the possibility of communicating on-line with fellow students and teachers, of downloading courses, submitting homework, carrying out auto-evaluations….

 The Student’s « Personal » Contribution
The student’s personal contribution includes :

• course attendance,
• the ulterior review of the content of the sessions,
• the search for complementary information at university libraries or on the Internet,
• the follow-up of the tutoring sessions,
• teamwork with other students,
• questions asked the teachers via the platform forums or e-mail.

If you encounter any difficulties, you may always contact the coordinator of training.

 Gathering, In-field Outings…

Gatherings are attended meetings or face to face meetings with the tutors.  It is a type of work with “personal attendance” which can take place in the context of courses.

 Monitoring and Tutoring

Tutoring must be at the same time pedagogical and methodological for the students.
It is administered by university teachers trained for on-line teaching.  Their main concern is to provide students with a benchmark thanks to their experience, their understanding and advice.  Their help is both pedagogic and methodological.


How do exam sessions take place?

 Exam sessions

Exam sessions are conducted in attendance.  Each type of training has its own system of exams.  You will have to consult those sites dedicated to training for more details.

 Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions may be taken against any candidate to exams and university contests who cheat during said exams or contests of an institution of higher learning and scientific research.

 Absence at Exams

In case of a candidate’s absence at an exam, he must provide the UVT’s “service de scolarité” with an immediate justification.
Beware:  if the absence is judged to be non justified, you may be considered as  “failing” the exam, and will not be allowed to validate your exam session.


What are the digital tools in use for UVT’s courses ?

 E-mail Address

To access all of UVT’s digital services, you must have an e-mail address.

 Digital Work Space (DWS)

UVT provides its students with digital tools to help them train, communicate and document themselves.
It provides the university with a Digital Work Space (DWS) which allows everyone to access a set of personalized services in a confidential manner.

 How to use it?

DWS is accessible from any terminal connected to the Internet (from home, from the university network or any other access point).
To connect to DWS one must necessarily be registered as a student at UVT.

You will find the following topics:

 Personal and shared file spaces
 Dissemination lists (personal)
 Access to on-line teaching platforms
 Pedagogic resources (teaching on-line)
 Directories (students, connections, personal)
 Electronic agenda (personal)
 Practical information
 Electronic assistance

To access DWS follow this URL:

Consult the DWS guide

Other existing means of communication

 Viewing Panels

All along the academic year, they constitute the source of information regarding registration deadlines, gatherings, exam results…  These panels are located at the entrance of UVT.

 Internet site :
You will find there useful information on trainings.  This is the entry door to all of UVT’s training sites and UVT’s digital services.

You will receive diverse information of a general nature, cultural… through this channel.
To register, enter your e-mail address in the enter case which is located on  the left window at the bottom of UVT’s website

 Communication Service :

Do not hesitate to contact us through it:
Communication Service
14, rue Yahia Ibn Omar
1002 Mutuelleville, Tunis
Tel : +21…./+21…
Fax : +216 71 89 26 25
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it







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