Business Result B1/B2 from Oxford University Press
Business Result (OXFORD University Press) is a business English course that gives students the communication skills they need for immediate use at work.
Course material: book, audio CD and interactive online activities
Business Result helps those who need to communicate better in English at work, by teaching a range of business communication skills.
A list of outcomes in every unit shows students the language and skills they will learn. Tips and advice from the Cranfield School of Management introduces an authoritative business perspective, and applies professional theory to real situations.
Key features

  • Practical, functional language presented and practised in a work-related context
  • Real-world case studies offer authentic and engaging insights into key business issues
  • Commentary on each case study from the Cranfield School of Management
  • Support and flexibility across all five levels from the Student's Interactive Workbook, and the Teacher's DVD
  • Additional writing and reading materials available on the Business Result Teacher's Site.

The Practical English lessons (with video) help students to learn high-frequency phrases which they're likely to hear and need to say on an everyday basis.



Business Result 


OTE is an online course delivered through the Virtual University of Tunis. It is designed for students and professionals seeking to improve their competencies in the English language and communication skills.
The training offers a series of courses specializing in the following fields:

  • General English
  • Business English
  • Oral communication
  • English for law

Level Test : OXFORD PLACEMENT TEST (From Oxford University Press)

The Oxford Online Placement Test measures a test taker’s ability to communicate in English. It gives you the information you need to find out about a person’s language level.

Our new General English course helps you develop your reading, speaking, writing and listening skills .You will practise grammar and vocabulary through interactive activities. We also offer you a strong support on practical speaking tasks through regular chat sessions via Skype with your tutor which will help you progress and gain confidence.
Course material: New English File book, CD and interactive online activities for self-study. (Oxford University Press).

Each unit contains:

  • Practical English lessons with video
  • Consolidation and review pages after each unit
  • Communication section and Listening scripts
  • Grammar Bank, Vocabulary Bank, Irregular Verbs, and Sounds Bank




New English File pre-Intermediate



New English File Intermediate Online 

The Virtual University of Tunis offers online English courses for busy working professionals and students like you. You can learn anywhere, anytime and at your own pace.

E-learning can fit your schedule, so you can keep a professional career and enjoy your personal life.

Our courses will enable you to brush up on your oral and written skills and help you advance in your career or pursue a new professional path.

Our Courses are

1. tailored to meet your needs
2. innovative and paced to fit your schedule
3. Interactive to foster communication

  • High quality teaching materials;
  • customized learning support;
  • highly innovative teaching and tracking tools;
  • experienced and qualified teachers.




Testimonial"Business English course at UVT allowed me to learn while doing my job normally. My success with a good score (15, 90) was the proof that studying could be a continuous activity. This result encouraged me to go ahead and enroll in higher levels of further courses at UVT.
My great thanks to all persons who coached me at UVT."


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